Other Mediation Publications

On this page you can find some of the recent publications related to mediation and conflict transformation that have been produced by the Mediation Support Project outside of the framework of its regular series.

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Approaches to Conflict Transformation
Title: Approaches to Conflict Transformation
Authors: Owen Frazer, Lakhdar Ghettas
Year: 2013
Publisher: The Cordoba Now Forum
This report looks at conflict transformation methods employed by third parties and what lessons can be learned from practical experience.
Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in Peace Processes
Title: Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in Peace Processes
In: Managing Peace Processes: Process related questions. A handbook for AU practitioners, Volume 1
Authors: Simon J. A. Mason, Matthias Siegfried
Year: 2013
Publisher: African Union and the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
This chapter argues that the use of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) can be an effective tool for preparing and deepening peace negotiations and mediation. At the same time, the usefulness of CBMs is often overestimated, which calls for a careful consideration of their limitations.
Debriefing Mediators to Learn from Their Experiences
Title: Debriefing Mediators to Learn from Their Experiences
Authors: Simon J A Mason and Matthias Siegfried
Year: 2010
Publisher: United States Institute of Peace
This handbook gives guidance to staff debriefing mediators who are, or have been, directly involved in peace negotiations. The goal is to enhance the practice of mediation by showing how lessons from individual mediators can be identified and made available to their home organization or a wider practitioner audience.
Insider Mediators
Title: Insider Mediators
Authors: Simon J A Mason
Year: 2009
Publisher: Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich and Berghof Foundation for Peacebuilding
This study examines the often-unrecognized contribution of insider mediators to peace. Recognizing their key role in peace processes is essential to supporting them and increasing the effectiveness both of formal and informal mediation efforts.
Mediation and Facilitation in Peace Processes
Title: Mediation and Facilitation in Peace Processes
Authors: Simon Mason, Ryan Cross
Year: 2007
Publisher: International Relations and Security Network (ISN), ETH Zurich
This study provides an introduction to mediation and facilitation methodology and includes an analysis of trends, rationales and lessons learned.