The first Peace Mediation Course was held in 2008. Since then, the course has become an annual event bringing together top-class trainers and motivated practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding of peace mediation and acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to support mediation processes effectively.

The Peace Mediation Course relies on the expertise of trainers with practical mediation experience in peace processes, encourages learning from real life cases, and uses interactive methodologies to practice relevant skills and attitudes. Expert inputs on topics professional mediators will encounter when engaging in peace processes add to the comprehensive, all-rounded approach of the course. To learn more about the goal of the Peace Mediation Course and the methodologies used to achieve it, please see goal & approach.

The Peace Mediation Course is designed for experts who want to engage in the support of peace mediation. Every year, a diverse group of 24-26 participants from different institutional, professional and national backgrounds are selected by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to participate in the course. The Peace Mediation Course is thus not only an opportunity for deep and reflective learning on peace mediation, but also a forum in which to network and exchange with a global group of professionals working in support of peace processes.