Publication Series

swisspeace and the Center for Security Studies regularly publish papers, reports, and articles on mediation and peace processes. Below you will find an overview of our main publication series. If you wish to be informed about upcoming publications, please sign up to the CSS Mediation News (1-3 emails per year).

CSS Mediation Resources
CSS Mediation Resources is a series that aims to provide methodological guidance and insights to mediators, negotiators and peace practitioners working to address violent political conflicts.

MSN Discussion Points
series summarizes key aspects of discussions of the Mediation Support Network (MSN) on specific topics related to peace mediation and conflict transformation.

swisspeace Working Papers
swisspeace Working Papers cover recent issues surrounding peace research and peacebuilding.

Peace Mediation Essentials
The Peace Mediation Essentials is a series of concise guidance notes for mediators, aiming to serve as an introduction to topics related to peace mediation processes.

Other Mediation Publications
Here you can find recent publications related to mediation and conflict transformation that have been produced by the Mediation Support Project outside of the framework of its regular series.

Mediation Perspectives Blogs
We are also blogging! Each monthly blog post is designed to highlight the utility of mediation approaches in dealing with violent political conflicts.