Course 2012

“The Peace Mediation Course gave me the inspiration to create bridges between track 1 and tracks 2 & 3 in the Myanmar peace processes. The “Civil Society Forum for Peace” (CSFoP) that we are now implementing is a direct result of this course.”
Ja Nan Lahtaw, Assistant Director, Shalom Foundation, Myanmar

The Peace Mediation Course 2012 took place between the 3 and 16 June 2012.

It brought together 27 participants (13 women, 14 men) of 16 different nationalities.

The course trainers were:

  • Achim Wennmann: Researcher, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP) of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  • Ben Hoffman: President of the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation
  • Elisabeth Baumgartner: Senior Researcher in Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past, swisspeace
  • Jeremy Brickhill: Director of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme
  • Julian Thomas Hottinger: Senior Expert in Mediation and Constitutionalism, Swiss FDFA
  • Nicole Töpperwien: Independent Consultant, ximpulse
  • Meredith Preston McGhie: Acting Director for Africa, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD)