“The Peace Mediation Course not only taught me about mediation as a special subject, but also about communication in conflictual environments in general. The contributions of qualified trainers, practitioners and participants from around the world as well as the perfect mix of theory and practice were the key to success. What I learned during the Peace Mediation Course is extremely useful and is directly applicable to my day-to-day work in Kosovo.”
Norbert Ruetsche, Swiss FDFA (Pristina)

“The course experience was immensely helpful and enriching; I must say it was one of the highlights of my work in this field, and it was hands-down the best training course I have ever attended.”
Dawn Peebles,
United Nations Mission in Sudan

“The Swiss Peace Mediation Course offered a unique and most comprehensive menu of skills even for people with professional experience in the field. While mediation is turning into a recognized discipline within international conflict prevention, this course equips you with the highest standards in the trade.”
Kai Sauer,
Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Helsinki)

“With this course, you dig into key questions of mediation and explore all type of possible answers. It is an extremely stimulating and rich experience which I highly recommend to anyone working in the field of peace promotion.”
Rachel Gasser,
Associate Political Affairs Officer, Office of the UN Special Adviser on Myanmar (New York)

“Mediation knowledge is about what to do and who to call. The Peace Mediation Course provided an excellent framework to develop the necessary mediation skills during a peace process. It also offered a great environment to meet other mediation professionals to collaborate with!”
Tamara Murer,
Mediation Support Unit, UN Department of Political Affairs (New York)

“This is much more than just another course on mediation: hands-on, thought-provoking, to the point and fun – a must for everyone working in the field of peace promotion!”
Nicole Töpperwien,
State Concepts (Bern)

“The Peace Mediation Course has taught me that peace negotiations are only sustainable if the interests of all relevant stakeholders are taken into account.”
Kuno Schläfli, Swiss Development Cooperation (Bern)

“The Peace Mediation Course was a great learning experience. In my opinion, it would be very useful for all diplomats who support mediation processes in their daily work.”
Guillaume Scheurer, Swiss FDFA (Bern)

“Listen deeper; Seek to share the ideas of others; Make your ideas come to life in sharing them with others willing to carry it forward; Contribute to a well tuned mediation team! Besides dense back ground information on conflicts and first hand experience of experts working in the field of Peace Mediation, this course provided a great opportunity to start acquiring in a practical setting some of the most crucial mediation skills.”
Emanuel Schäublin, The Graduate Institute (Geneva)

“In addition to the solid theoretical foundation and excellent simulation exercises, the greatest aspect of the course was providing exposure to some of the world’s top peace mediators. Their stories and personal accounts from actual peace processes in Sudan and Uganda to Afghanistan and Nepal illustrated in vivid detail the reality of the process, the difficult political constraints and trade-offs that need to be made, and the kind of personal character that it takes to be successful.”
David Jensen, United Nations Environment Programme (Geneva)